Monday, 11 April 2011

An interview with Aleks Kolkowski (and a bit of EVP)

In the context of my earlier short fellowship with The Science Museum, I did an interview with Aleks Kolkowski, musician, composer and specialist in obsolete media technologies of recording. The interview is now published here. I invited Aleks to talk about his artistic methods and relation to media archaeology (a term that he does not use but I find relevant of his work). It's a good read for anyone interested in creative music technologies, physicality of recording in the digital age, and media archaeological art methods!

Related to this, read here for more on a recent project where Aleks was involved - the EVP phenomena examined through the Edison wax cylinder format! He is not the only media archaeologically tuned practitioner who is interested in EVP...check out here another as exciting project by Martin Howse (Micro Research Lab) who mobilizes EVP into a wider media archaeological, cartographical method for mapping signals...

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